At D&R, we believe the best solution to any problem is often the simplest, and we design accordingly: robust, efficient, and easy to maintain. We don’t feel the need to “reinvent the wheel,” but we do like to see how common mechanisms may be applied in unconventional ways. Our engineers excel at providing common packaging applications in environments with uncommon restraints. Like this front/back opposing corner-wrap system using LabelAire swing tamp labeling heads:

The front/back corner-wrap is common enough, but doing it in less than four feet? Not so much. Top that off with the portable quick-change heads, interchangeable on either side of the conveyor with a changeover time of less than five minutes and no program or timing adjustments, and you’ve got something special.

Before D&R owner Clif Derks started building his own machinery, he was lead engineer at a couple major food manufacturers, but he started his career in the maintenance department. From the beginning, it has been that experience informing a D&R design, and the ethos has trickled down to every level of D&R engineering. We know what it is like to maintain multiple machines in a production environment, and every second counts. We keep maintenance in mind when designing every detail of a machine, whether it be as simple as tapping all bracketry holes on the side of a conveyor frame instead of putting nuts on the inside, or as complex as a total overhaul of conventional “retracting nosebar” conveying:

This servo driven, retracting knife-edge-nosebar “shuttle” conveyor is portable, operates as a drawbridge, and has a secret we have not seen anywhere else: tooless belt removal for cleaning. In production, we have seen an operator remove the belt, clean it, and reinstall it well before the ingredient and infeed machinery’s changeover is complete.

Call us with your application today, and we’ll provide a solution you don’t have to worry about on your line.