The D&R fabrication craftsmen build the machinery that they would want to use on a daily basis in demanding production environments. Just like our design process, our build ethos is informed by our experiences in and ongoing relationships with plant maintenance teams. Our fabricators possess a diverse range of talents in machining, welding, finishing and assembling, and are willing to get creative to get the job done right. D&R guarantees the utmost of quality in every project regardless of scope. If it isn’t done right, it is not leaving the shop. The simplest of builds are treated the same as the most complex.

Stainless Base, SealedThis the D&R version of a food-plant bound H-base for a labeling head. Totally seal-welded, including the endcaps, with all welds ground to 120-grit. Definitely not run-of-the mill.

Our fabricators also have capabilities well beyond the shop floor. They service and install the machinery they’ve built, and possess ample experience in production environments. This allows them to have key input on a “finished” design, which makes for fabrication processes that are always informed by its destination facility’s processes. Something as simple the orientation of wear-strip mounting to allow for easier washdown and contaminant runoff can provide a huge advantage over years of use. Or, another example of a fabricator-born inspiration, the axle and clevis-mounted scale load cells shown below, which allow products to be weighed reliably on an incline by keeping the load cells level.

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