Want to decrease labor costs and increase efficiency throughout your manufacturing facility? Upgrading or updating your automated processes is probably the key. At D&R, we understand that yearly capital expenditures are a limited resource that must be used wisely in order for a manufacturing business to flourish. We strive to help our customers define projects that that not only pay for themselves over the course of months or years, but that reap returns on that original investment for years to come. Here’s a servo driven bag turning “pattern maker” fresh after install, tied into the PLC on a palletizer. It replaced another turner that was a customer’s maintenance nightmare. It’s been in a year as of this post, and so far no maintenance calls on it have been necessary:

Our automation process goes hand in hand with our build process: simple, intuitive, and made to last. Whether it be a sprawling PLC-based system overseeing an entire line, or a couple of relays in a conveyor operator panel, we use quality hardware components, and can build controls to spec using any manufacturer’s goods. We find simple solutions to complex problems every day, and if there’s a process outside of our skill level, we maintain close working relationships with some of the region’s most respected programming houses.

Automation is the key to your efficiency, and its ease of maintenance is the key to any automated system’s reliability. D&R is relatively “old school” when it comes to automation processes– we try to avoid “black box” automation that only a highly trained specialist can understand and troubleshoot. We automate so that those on the line making a plant run smooth can look at our diagrams and quickly troubleshoot or make adjustments to the process. We feel the core of our integrity as an OEM is the pride we take in making our customers processes run smoothly.

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