Design, Build, Automate… and bring it all together. You’ve just commissioned an intuitively designed, quality constructed, automated workhorse from D&R Packaging, and now is the time to fit it into its designated space on the plant floor, and begin functioning in tandem with the rest of your packaging line. We are always willing to install our D&R-built equipment, modify other manufacturer’s equipment, and integrate commissioned equipment into a well-functioning whole. Numerous leading manufacturers in the region treat us as on-call experts in modification and integration, because we can get the job done quickly and reliably, with little need for supervision or direction. Our wide manufacturing equipment experience makes us the ideal technicians to observe your processes, and quickly implement the changes necessary to make them function even better. We also are always willing to create a custom machine to fit into that troublesome place on your line that definitely needs… something, when that something is a machine that other larger or more specialized companies don’t have the time or ability to create.

One of our regular customers needed needed a completely portable system to roll into a 25-foot gap on their packaging line, which would– in a single standalone system– shut, turn, tamper-seal, and three-panel-wrap label clamshells. We delivered it, and it has been reliable for years:

Another regular customer needed a new robotic de-palletizer and covered decline conveyor in line to their sterile fill room. On this project, D&R was more than happy to defer to manufacturers who were more suited to provide the equipment, but we commissioned the best products as customer advocates, fabricated a top-cover for the conveyor, and integrated the machinery into the customer’s line, both as on-site labor and project management for a large team of millwrights:

Lastly, we recently completed a challenging and extremely interesting on-site modification job, which ended up saving our customer upwards of $17,500 because they did not need to purchase a whole new machine. We built a frame for and integrated a Mettler Toledo metal detector, provided by a trusted in-town dealer, onto a hand-towel auto-bagger, which the company had been running for many years:

Let D&R help integrate all of your processes, call us today.