Suspended Checkweigh and Retracting Reject Conveyors

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Recently completed, these custom conveyor systems were designed to checkweigh and reject 50-100 lb. bags of concrete. The larger are 12′ OAL x 3′ OAW; the smaller is 8′ OAL x 4′ OAW. Scales may be mounted at an incline and still achieve precision checkweighing. As with all D&R designs, these were built with maintenance ease in mind. These stout …

Portable U-base labeling station with print-apply and barcode verification

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A compact, portable, low-cost option for labeling and verification of dated or indexed product information. We integrated our customer’s existing tamp-apply labeler and provided the electrical engineering to use an existing Cognex vision sensor for barcode verification, and combined it all into one caster-mounted station ready for use at a moment’s notice wherever it’s needed in the plant. As always, …

Explosion-Proof Scale and Fill Station Conveyors


Stainless steel, sterile wash-down construction for use in hazardous locations. The belt conveyor will mount to a scale platform, and will be a check weigh station before the two small table top chain conveyors, which will be hand pack stations. The pneumatic blade stops are controlled by an explosion-proof foot switch. Shown with custom explosion-proof operator panel.

True-Track Turntables


Recently completed turntables, one 36″ Stainless Steel fully guarded and sterile for use in a pharmaceutical plant, and one 48″ powder-coated mild steel for use in a petroleum products plant. Both have double-reduction gearboxes and run nearly silently with less than 3 mm difference in circular tracking for easy on-off product transfer. We’d bet these are the stoutest, most reliable …

Dual-Opposing Cornerwrap Print-Apply Labeling System

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Dual-Oppposing Cornerwrap Print-Apply Labeling System Video Dual-Opposing, Cornerwrap, Print-Apply Labeling in less than five feet conveyor length. No servo motors, no PLC. When run in  tandem with a simple gating system, there are no timing adjustments required for different speeds or product sizes. All heads are right hand, mounted on wheeled bases, and use quick disconnects for complete interchangeability, which …

New Pharma-grade conveyors


We recently shipped these two conveyors: a double-90 degree pharma grade table top chain conveyor and a single-90 portable pharma grade table top chain conveyor. Both conveyors are mounted on offset legs for use in side-transfer applications conveying small glass bottles, and were custom manufactured for easy integration into existing production lines.

Slip-Sheet Dispenser


Designed to easily integrate into an existing production line, it extends a slip sheet (tie sheet) over a pallet driven by a robotic palletizer. Reliable and user friendly, it provides operator ease in both manual and automatic modes. A work horse is ready for many years on the production line. Slip Sheet Dispenser Video