Dual-Opposing Cornerwrap Print-Apply Labeling System

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Dual-Oppposing Cornerwrap Print-Apply Labeling System Video Dual-Opposing, Cornerwrap, Print-Apply Labeling in less than five feet conveyor length. No servo motors, no PLC. When run in  tandem with a simple gating system, there are no timing adjustments required for different speeds or product sizes. All heads are right hand, mounted on wheeled bases, and use quick disconnects for complete interchangeability, which …

New Pharma-grade conveyors

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We recently shipped these two conveyors: a double-90 degree pharma grade table top chain conveyor and a single-90 portable pharma grade table top chain conveyor. Both conveyors are mounted on offset legs for use in side-transfer applications conveying small glass bottles, and were custom manufactured for easy integration into existing production lines.

Slip-Sheet Dispenser

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Designed to easily integrate into an existing production line, it extends a slip sheet (tie sheet) over a pallet driven by a robotic palletizer. Reliable and user friendly, it provides operator ease in both manual and automatic modes. A work horse is ready for many years on the production line. Slip Sheet Dispenser Video

Custom Label Applicators and Conveyors

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Label application is one of D&R’s specialties. Since our founding, we have designed and implemented countless labeling machines across a wide array of packaging applications.We have standard applications that have been perfected over multiple years and reproductions and which can be ready to ship with minimal lead time, but we also specialize in designing custom labelers for difficult-to-automate applications. Check …

Portable Conveyor with Enercon Induction Sealer

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Portable, powder coated steel construction, this conveyor is just one example of D&R’s innumerable custom conveyor designs to fit any application. Check out our video slideshow for some more examples of the custom conveyors we have currently operating in plants throughout the country: Custom Conveyors Video Slideshow

Pellet Box Labeler and Conveyor

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Pellet Box Labeler Video A custom paired labeler and conveyor design. Black powder-coated steel and aluminum construction. The packages labeled by this machine had inconsistent, concave, plastic molded snap top boxes with front clasps. We designed a captive tamp-on applicator with a pneumatic roll-bar to to maintain a high standard of placement accuracy on the varying box tops. The machine …


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Design, Build, Automate… and bring it all together. You’ve just commissioned an intuitively designed, quality constructed, automated workhorse from D&R Packaging, and now is the time to fit it into its designated space on the plant floor, and begin functioning in tandem with the rest of your packaging line. We are always willing to install our D&R-built equipment, modify other …


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Want to decrease labor costs and increase efficiency throughout your manufacturing facility? Upgrading or updating your automated processes is probably the key. At D&R, we understand that yearly capital expenditures are a limited resource that must be used wisely in order for a manufacturing business to flourish. We strive to help our customers define projects that that not only pay …