Two station labeler for square and round bottles 3 panel wrap and round

Two Station Labeler for Square and Round Bottles


This custom project is an automatic conveyor labeling system made up of multiple stations. The first station does a 3 panel wrap label on a square or rectangular bottle. The second station does a round bottle wrap label. 

Two station labeler for square and round bottles 3 panel wrap and round

The system has a 12ft long product conveyor, 2 Novex SLX206 label applicators,saloon door style 3 panel applicator with vacuum, a tilt adjustable 6 inch wrap belt, and speed synchronized top hold down belt. 

The whole system includes center justified spacing and orientation belts to ensure your labels are placed on the product correctly. The system is also modular so you can reformat the layout for different applications via clamp on components which makes the system incredibly versatile. 

Spice bottles can move through this conveyor and be labeled at 40 bottles per minute for the 3 panel wrap and 55-60 bottles a minute for the round bottles. 

This conveyor was created as a spice bottle labeler but can be used for any type of bottle; square or round. This project is stainless steel construction and can be built washdown compatible for harsh environments. If you have a product that needs labeling, inquire about a custom labeler conveyor here

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