High Speed Check Weigher -Custom Machinery, D&R packaging

High Speed Check Weigher


This is our high speed check weigher for aerosol cans and various products. Our high speed check weigher can go through over 100 parts per minute. Talk about fast- checking one hundred plus products in a minute or less!

High Speed Check Weigher -Custom Machinery, D&R packaging

This checkweigher is using a Wipotec loadcell and Rice Lake scaling controls. Scale programming provides real time data back to process and bottle filling equipment. 

All you have to do is enter in the target weight and start up the machine. In no time our check weigher will be weighing each product as they move along the conveyor. 

Our highspeed checkweigher features automatic product reject with high volume blow off and conveyor mounted reject bin. 

The check weigher is designed with double high timing screws for positive drive to progress the product to the loadcell weigh station. These timing screws allow for tool less change over between different bottle sizes. 

Here is a video from our youtube channel featuring our high speed check weigher

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